Mt Ascutney Prevention Partnership

Prescription Drug Misuse

Opioids slow breathing and heartbeat, and act on the brain to relieve pain and increase feelings of pleasure. They’re often prescribed for good reasons, but they’re highly addictive, and overdose can cause death. Addiction to opioid drugs is a serious public health problem. MAPP is dedicated to helping local people and our communities avoid the potentially devastating consequences of opioid use disorder.

Prescription Drugs

Why We Care

The share of VT individuals struggling with opiate use has been higher than the national average for many years. Opiate use has far-reaching, and all too often tragic, impact on families and communities. Compared to other areas in our state, Windsor County is 2nd highest in opiate related deaths. One life lost is too many.

How MAPP is helping

  • We're working with healthcare providers to implement safe prescribing practices.
  • We're collaborating with Vermont's "Do your Part" campaign to encourage people with prescriptions to store medication safely in a locked box or cabinet, and to properly dispose of prescription drugs when they no longer need them.
  • We’re coordinating with law enforcement agencies and pharmacies to provide education, resources, and best practices for creating permanent drug disposal options in their communities.
  • We’re connecting people who struggle with addiction to support groups and rehabilitation.
  • We are a participating partner in an Opiate Deaths summit, working to decrease the number of opiate-related fatalities across Windsor  County