Mt Ascutney Prevention Partnership


It’s common knowledge that cigarettes are deadly: causing cancer, damaging lungs, and often contributing to early death. For years, smoking trends were going down, especially among young people. But now, the popularity of vaping is surging, exposing a new generation to nicotine addiction and other dangers. An outbreak of vaping product-use associated lung disease -- a conditionwhose exact cause remains unknown -- began in late summer 2019 and is still ongoing. MAPP works to educate youth and adults about the risks and consequences of smoke and vaping.

Tobacco / Vaping

Why we care:

  • A multi-state outbreak of vaping product-use associated lung injury (EVALI) began in late summer 2019 and is still ongoing. Sadly, several people have died or are experiencing permanant illness as result of EVALI.
    • Illness caused by e-cigarette use may result in symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever. Seek immediate medical attention if symptoms develop. For more information on lung injury visit VT Health Department

  • Cigarettes and vaping deliver addictive nicotine, which can change growing brains and contribute to attention disorders and poor impulse control.
  • Vape flavors are often marketed at kids.

  • Vapor contains ultrafine particles, flavorings linked to lung disease, and heavy metals.
  • While vaping is marketed as “safer” than cigarettes, that’s not the same as safe, and the science is still inconclusive.

How MAPP is Helping:

  • We collaborate with local businesses and multi-unit housing landlords to assist in establishing or updating smoke-free housing policy and signage.
  • We share current research and information on the negative effects of youth vaping with area schools.
  • We connect to cessation resources for those who wish to quit smoking.
  • We keep our schools and community partners informed on the latest vaping health alerts through a weekly vaping digest.