Mt Ascutney Prevention Partnership


The impacts of too much alcohol use on children and families can be devastating, not to mention changes to the developing brain if young people start drinking underage. Over short or long periods of time drinking can lead to serious health problems, including brain and liver damage, heart disease, hypertension, and fetal damage in pregnant women.


Why we care

How MAPP is helping:

MAPP has strong relationships with area town officials, regional planners, and law enforcement. Preventing underage drinking usually means adults modeling healthy boundaries around alcohol. Youth can grow to understand that recreation, fun, family, and community can happen without alcohol. 

We work with towns and regional planners on policy solutions. Towns that consider themselves family friendly or think of themselves as having healthy cultures can consider policies that promote alcohol free community events, limit the amount of alcohol advertising, and/or limit the number of outlets that sell alcohol. See Healthy Communities Section.

MAPP also promotes the value of substance-free events and "safe" parties. If a student or parent learns of a social event where alcohol is accessible to minors, a party notification can go to TEXT-A-TIP at 802-296-1746. Law Enforcement will visit the party venue prior to the party to intervene beforehand to avoid any penalties. 

Community Retailers are also our partners in Health. MAPP congratulates retailers who consistently pass compliance checks for no alcohol sales to minors. We recognize these retailers publicly for being partners in health promotion.