Mt Ascutney Prevention Partnership

Marijuana / Cannabis (CBD)

On July 1, 2018, Act 86 took effect in Vermont. This act legalizes possession of cannabis on the state level for adults aged 21 and older. MAPP wants the public to be aware that marijuana is still harmful for youth, and that with legalization comes greater risk of misuse. We seek to protect young people from harm, and give adults information to use marijuana responsibly.

Marijuana / Cannabis (CBD)

Why we care:

  • Marijuana use during the teen years can worsen anxiety and depression.
  • Youth who use marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs are more prone to using drugs later in life.
  • Youth who use marijuana regularly are more likely to have learning and memory issues.

  • Marijuana is addictive. It is harder to stop using marijuana if use starts at a younger age.
  • LGBT students are significantly more likely to report using marijuana and to try it before age 13.

How MAPP is helping

MAPP, along with partners in Green Peak Alliance, provides educational resources and up-to-date information to various organizations, community members, schools, towns, etc. on marijuana and CBD products. With the goal of keeping kids safe, we provide helpful guidelines on safe use and storage should parents or caregivers use marijuana products.

MAPP also offers:

  • Presentations
  • One-page information sheets
  • Up-to-date research