Mt Ascutney Prevention Partnership

Data Dashboard: Prevention Center of Excellence

What is the Prevention Center of Excellence (PCE) Data Dashboard?

The PCE Data Dashboard was developed and is maintained by the Prevention Center of Excellence based out of Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center in Windsor, VT. It highlights selected indicators for Windsor and Orange Counties in Vermont. These indicators were chosen to track efforts by the PCE and its partners to:

  • Create community conditions where youth thrive
  • Reduce youth substance use rates
  • Eliminate health disparities for protective factors and substance use rates in youth

Check out the dashboard.

What Can I Do with the Data Dashboard?

At each step in SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), data can help you in your work. The information on the PCE Data Dashboard can be especially helpful in the following phases of the SPF:

Assessment: Identify gaps and areas of greatest need, including health disparities. The indicators selected for tracking by the PCE focus on key areas of youth substance misuse and protective factors, while also highlighting health disparities called out in the State Health Improvement Plan (where data is available).

Capacity: The PCE uses the Data Dashboard to track our own work around network capacity building, using Results-Based Accountability measures developed by the PCE. For some measures, you can access other information around capacity, such as local and regional partners involved in our network.

Evaluation: The Data Dashboard includes data over an extended period, allowing our partners to see the collective impact of our efforts to improve community conditions that help youth thrive. The trend lines also reflect the impact of external forces, such as the rise of vaping.

Figure 1: % of Orange County high school students who smoked cigarettes or cigars or used smokeless tobacco or electronic vapor products, past 30 days

Uses for dashboard data include:

  • Grant proposals
  • Planning and prioritizing efforts to address gaps
  • Reports to funders, stakeholders, and the public
  • Communicating local needs to decisionmakers and the community

Whether applying for new funding, conducting a needs assessment, reporting on progress, or figuring out what to tackle next, data can help tell the story.

We encourage organizations working in Windsor and Orange Counties to make use of the data presented in the dashboard.  No permissions are needed – just download what you need and incorporate it into your work. The PCE would appreciate being cited as the source, to help build awareness of this community resource.

Quick Tips:

When you click on the “+” button next to an indicator, you can see a graph of the data over time.

Use the Chart Context Menu to print or download graphs and embed them in grant applications, reports to your board, or any other use that helps you in your work. You can also download a PDF of the entire dashboard, showing current trends for each indicator.

The Data I’m Looking for Isn’t Included in the PCE Data Dashboard. Where Can I Find It?

There are numerous reliable data sources available for free online.

There are also many national data sources that may help you in your work. Good places to start include The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s County Health Rankings, and the American Community Survey data from the US Census Bureau.

Visit this link if you are experiencing trouble viewing the following dashboard.